Welcome to the TheresaMay Coin Mining Pool

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We pay you for your share in collectively solving the hash algorithm of the sha256 block.

Payments are sent to your MAY Coin address that is used as your username within 10 minutes of the block confirmation, which is set at 110 confirmations and greater than 1 MAY coin. (Currently around 4 hours)

We mine only TheresaMayCoin.

Download TheresaMayCoin Wallet: Linux - Windows - MacOS

Set your miner or mining application to:

MAY: Low Diff: stratum+tcp://maypool.uk:3333 -u {YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS} -p 123

MAY: High Diff: stratum+tcp://maypool.uk:3334 -u {YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS} -p 123

MAY: Variable Diff: stratum+tcp://maypool.uk:3332 -u {YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS} -p 123

MAY Mining Stats

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Block commission fixed at MAY: 0.5%

Global Stats

Algo Miners Hashrate
sha256 0 0.00 KH

Pools / Coins

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theresamaycoin 0 0.00 KH